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TSA Certified Air Carrier

With our Indirect Air Carrier certification, you can count on us for freight knowledge, high end security, reliability, and the highest of standards across the board. At Action Courier, our drivers are TSA Certified and well versed in FAA and TSA regulations to ensure a smooth and trouble free experience. TSA delivery is available in same day Standard delivery, After Hours Delivery and Rush Delivery.

So why should our TSA certification matter to you?

  • We have the necessary security clearance to deliver your packages directly to the Air Lines without using a third party. This makes your delivery happen faster and safer.
  • We can put your package on the next flight out to any city.
  • We can pick up and/or deliver your category B medical specimens to and from airports.
  • Our deliveries meet the high security requirements of the TSA, including continuously locked vehicles and chain of custody.

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